About First WAC by Sara Parsons

When I first sat down at the Central Wisconsin American Heroes' Cafe in Early 2018, and I met the young lady wearing a "WWII Veteran" hat, I never thought knowing her would change my life for the better.

Her friend Judy introduced her as Sara, who was one of the first women to enlist in the US Army, during World War II. Talking with Sara, she mentioned that she had written a book about her experiences in the Army. I found out that she had the book published, but due to the costs associated with printing, she only had enough copies printed to give to friends and close family. I knew deep inside myself that Sara's story needed to be read by more people.

Later that day, I got in touch with Sara's friend Judy, and after doing some research on the internet, I found Sara's son, Peter. I introduced myself and told him how I had recently met his mother. I told him that I wanted to get the book re-published and get it into Midwest schools and libraries. Peter was thrilled, and get me permission to move forward with some fund-raising.

I got a hold of one of the only remaining copies of First WAC from another of Sara's sons, Tom, and began transcribing the book.

At the request of the Parsons family, all proceeds from the sale of First WAC will be donated to Renewed Liberty

I want to personally thank Sara's family for giving me their blessing to move forward with this project.

Please note, the cost of the book is $10, with a $5 shipping cost (Books shipped via USPS Media Mail). If you live in or near Wisconsin Rapids, your shipping charge will be refunded, and I will email you to arrange delivery.